10-Day Do Something Challenge

You know spending time with God is the only way to build a relationship with Him.
But do you know how to spend time with Him in a way that you actually enjoy?
Friend, it is possible
and it's easier than you think.
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In a survey I put out, I asked women about their struggles with their devotional life.

These were their choices:

Here's what they said...

54% said they struggled with finding time to spend with God. *This was #1
38% said they didn’t know how to use a journal in their devotional time
21% said they struggled with feeling overwhelmed about even knowing what to do in a devotional time. *This one was tied for #3
21% also said they struggled with reading the Bible, knowing what to read, understanding what they read, and enjoying it.
8% said they didn’t know how or feel comfortable praying

devotional life

you're not alone

I share this because

I want you to see that you’re not alone.

Yes, reading your Bible and praying are so important. 

But they aren’t the only ways we spend time with God.

And when you discover ways you actually enjoy being with Him, reading your Bible and praying come a lot more easily

The goal isn’t to give you a formula– 
because you were created uniquely and because we already have a “quiet time” formula
but to help you find new ways to interact with God that are meaningful to you.

Ready to stir up your devotional life?

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10-Day Do Something Challenge