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find new ways to encounter God through His word.

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Scripture Cultivations are more than a Scripture Reading plan.
They’re more than a Scripture Writing plan, too.

Though you can certainly use them for both of those.

Beneath The Fig Tree | Podcast

scripture cultivations

will give you lots of ways to encounter God through His Word every month.

Fun, creative, a little different…maybe

But spending time with God was never meant to be boring.

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all for you

Here's what you can expect

Each month, I’ll share:

  • Scripture Cultivation- a list of verses centered around a theme, much like other reading/writing plans you may have seen before
  • A YouTube Video and  Podcast episode to share about the theme
  • Other ideas and resources to help you encounter God’s Word

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Choose your own adventure the best part

you get to decide what works best for you in this season of your life.

You choose which Cultivation Ideas you want to try, how much time you want to spend each day, and how deep you want to dig into the verses.

In fact, you won’t even find dates on the Scripture Cultivations downloads. I don’t want you worrying about being “behind” if you “miss a day.” There is no “behind” here

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Print them out and put them in a binder. They’re themed and you never know when you might need a verse or verses on a particular topic. You can even add other Scripture Reading/Writing plans you find and use them the same way we use Scripture Cultivations. 


Whether you’re looking for a Scripture Writing Plan, a Scripture Reading Plan, or just some inspiration to engage with God’s Word, our monthly Scripture Cultivations will give you lots of ways to fill your heart with scripture. 

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