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Birthday Blessings & Bible Truths

Birthday Blessings and Bible Truths

Today, I’m sharing a fun and meaningful way to speak life over people using their birthdays and scripture. This is not only a wonderful way to bless others, but it’s also a beautiful opportunity to spend time with God as you seek out these verses.

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Prophesy Your Promise

Prophesy Your Promise

When we declare His promises over our lives, we are aligning ourselves with His will and inviting His power to work within us. Speaking these promises out loud reinforces our belief and trust in God, helping to activate His plans in our lives.

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Snoopy Socks | Beneath The Fig Tree Podcast

Snoopy Socks & Sacred Speech

It’s a simple act, but it’s become a game between Holy Spirit and me. And that game has trained me to pay attention to the thoughts that pass through my mind. When a thought comes that doesn’t express hope or love, I’m challenged to turn it around.

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faith does

Faith Does

In Hebrews 11, Paul recounts story after story celebrating the people who had great faith. But recently, I read the chapter in a different translation, and I saw with completely new eyes. The emphasis wasn’t on the people, but on the amazing influence of their faith. Their faith in God gave them courage and perseverance, helped them to trust and obey, gave them strength to endure.

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