119 Bible Boot Camp

Studying the Bible

Ready to fall in love with the Bible? yes, really

it is possible

Reading the Bible, but don't feel like you're getting anything out of it?


I completely get it!

And no, there’s nothing wrong with you.
And yes, you really can fall in love with the Bible. You just need someone to show you how

That's what the 119 Bible Boot Camp is all about.

119 Bible Bootcamp | Beneath The Fig Tree
Loving the Bible - Beneath The Fig Tree

Yes really

You can actually

  • Understand what you read in the Bible
  • Enjoy reading it
  • Engage with what your read so that it sinks in
  • Know how God wants you to apply it to your life
  • Fall in love with the One who authored it

SOUND IMPOSSIBLE? keep reading!

My passion and delight is in your word,
for I love what you say to me.

Psalm 119:47

Why 119?

The 119 Bible Bootcamp gets its name from Psalm 119.

In the longest book of the Bible, King David gave us 176 verses all about scripture.

He loved God’s word. It was life to Him.
So who better to learn from than David, who God called “a man after his own heart.”


Here’s what we’ll be doing

in the 119 Bible Boot Camp

Lay the Foundation

We’re going to do some groundwork, spiritual and biblical, to make room for all that we’ll be learning together.

Learn the Tools

Learn step-by-step how to use several free tools to help you really dig into scripture.

Love the Word

Then, we’ll explore different methods to help you really understand and apply God’s Word in our life.

The 119 Bible Boot Camp

will be very hands-on, in-depth, and interactive, and very easy to understand.

119 Bible Bootcamp | Beneath The Fig Tree