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Podcasts for Your Devotional Life

Looking for some soul-nourishing podcasts to add to your daily routine? I’ve curated a list of gems that have been a part of my devotional journey, and I think you’ll love them too!

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Other Apps for Your Devotional Life

There are lots of helpful apps, but here are a few companions from my spiritual journey. From scripture memorization to prayer aids, journaling to health and wellness from a biblical perspective, I have several suggestions for you.

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quiet time with God | Beneath The Fig Tree

Devotional Apps I Love

Whether you’re seeking deeper insights, daily inspiration, or simply a more convenient way to engage with Scripture, these are my favorite Bible study apps.

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The Coming King | Beneath The Fig Tree

The Coming King: Making Room

As the Advent season approaches, bringing with it the anticipation of Christ’s birth, let’s prepare our hearts, much like the innkeepers who, unknowingly, had a chance to welcome the Savior into their midst.

And the shepherds who paused in their fields to witness the extraordinary.
And Mary and Joseph, who, in the humblest of settings, made space in their hearts and lives for the miraculous birth of Jesus.

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Quietude & Stillness

Quietude & Stillness

There is so much “noise” begging for our attention and sometimes, we create the noise ourselves. But there exists a sacred space — the Quiet. The Quiet, when embraced, can be a powerful conduit for hearing God’s voice and for stilling our souls. It’s in moments of solitude and stillness that we can experience His presence and peace in profound ways.

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